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We combine cutting-edge imaging technology with compassionate, expert care, ensuring the best outcomes for our patients in Southwest Florida.

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Welcome To Florida Radiology Consultants

For half a century, Florida Radiology Consultants has been a key provider of diagnostic and interventional radiology services in Southwest Florida. In collaboration with Lee Health, one of the region’s foremost healthcare systems, we offer a full spectrum of imaging services. Our team delivers expert interpretations for X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine studies and specialized breast imaging, supporting accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Moreover, we perform a myriad of noninvasive procedures sparing patients from invasive surgeries and expediting recovery, thereby enhancing overall outcomes. As a dedicated private practice radiology group deeply rooted in the community, we proudly serve four acute care hospitals, a children’s hospital and sixteen outpatient facilities.

Our board-certified radiologists are equipped with subspecialty training, employing the latest technological advancements to ensure precise and safe imaging practices. This commitment underscores our unwavering dedication to improving lives and health outcomes throughout Southwest Florida.

Our Impact By the Numbers

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Meet Our Radiologists

Our radiologists are the heart and soul of Florida Radiology Consultants, each bringing extensive training and unique expertise to our practice. Board-certified and fellowship-trained, they are dedicated to providing the highest quality care with compassion and precision. 

Our Board of Directors

At Florida Radiology Consultants, our Board of Directors plays a crucial role in guiding our mission and upholding the highest standards of radiological practice. Composed of leading professionals from the field, our board governs with a commitment to ethical practice, clinical excellence, and strategic oversight, ensuring we remain at the forefront of medical imaging technology and patient care.

This governance structure is key in shaping our direction, allowing us to maintain our independence and professional integrity while paving the way for future advancements. 

Our Mission & Values

The following values guide us every day:

  • Patient-Centered Care: We prioritize the comfort and well-being of our patients.
  • Quality Imaging Interpretation: Our expert radiologists provide accurate and detailed imaging interpretations, utilizing advanced technology to support precise diagnoses.
  • Clinical Excellence: To maintain the highest standards we continually refine and enhance our procedures in order to be a leader in clinical excellence.
  • Safety: Rigorous safety protocols are embedded in all our services, ensuring the protection of our patients.
Radiologists at Lee Health

Partnership with Lee Health

We are the exclusive radiology provider for Lee Health, serving multiple facilities across Southwest Florida.

Community Involvement

We are deeply committed to the communities we serve and actively support community health initiatives throughout Southwest Florida.  

Collaboration for Enhanced Healthcare Outcomes

Partner With Our Radiology Group

Florida Radiology Consultants has a long history of collaboration. We welcome partnerships with institutions and medical facilities that are looking to take their diagnostic and interventional radiology services to the next level. Collaboration allows us to extend our cutting-edge imaging and patient-centered care across Florida and beyond, and provide reliable and professional radiology services to support the diverse range of healthcare providers and researchers that need our expertise. 

Job Opportunities at Florida Radiology Consultants
Join a Team Where Expertise and Care Converge

Work With Us

Florida Radiology Consultants is seeking passionate professionals who are committed to advancing the field of radiology while delivering compassionate care. Our team benefits from working in an innovative environment that supports continuous learning and development, situated in the vibrant and growing community of Southwest Florida.